Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mid September garden flowers

This week marks the end of Summer but the garden should continue to bloom for a couple of months. A couple of nice showers last week awakened the red naked ladies. The clumps are getting bigger…one clump had six blooms.

I've tried Toad Lily's in a couple of different spots in my garden. They are almost invasive and just look disheveled to me. This is probably the last pic I'll ever take of them since they're on the list to be dug out.
The curb garden is still thriving. It's Lantana and Melampodiumin
Vinca holds up to the heat so well. It's a never fail plant.
My first batch of rose cuttings are showing new growth. Since RRD is rampant in this area, I've started taking two cuttings of all new roses to replace the parent when it is infected. The operative work is 'when' not 'if'. The source of the infestation is infected landscape rose planted in city median strips…there could be more than a thousand infected roses. Until they die or are removed I will have diseased roses. Here is a new cutting.
You can tell that the season is changing in the garden. Color is showing on the crabapple and the seed pods on the blackberry lily have opened.
Several roses blooming in this week: Sky Rocket, Touch of Class, and Hawkeye Belle.

The Zinnias in the cutting bed are blooming non-stop. There is a richness to their blooms in the Fall. Here are some of the zinnia arrangements over the last several weeks.

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  1. The blackberry lilies have not yet broken open here. If your lycoris clump multiplies, then I think I want to get some -- not much going on my my garden.