Thursday, July 16, 2015

Zinnia's in Bloom

I started eight different colors of Benary's giant Zinnia seeds in early Spring and transplanted them into the cutting garden in late April. The two cutting beds are 4 x 32 feet. One is used just for Zinnia's and the other for gladiola and a few other cutting flowers (Queen Ann's Lace). Here are pics of the cutting bed and the different Zinna's. The Lime color is new this year and not as full as some the others but it is a good color for arrangements. 

I had a few zinnia's that self seeded from last years blooms. They revert from the hybrid with smaller flowers and fewer petals.

The lilies are still blooming. This has been and exceptional year for them. I took the pic below this morning and it is followed by an arrangement from last Sunday.  Just beautiful!!

A couple of rose pics taken this morning: Legend and Sombreuil.

Arrangements from last weekend.

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