Monday, May 25, 2015

More May Flowers

I've spent a lot of time just enjoying the bountiful glory of a garden in bloom this past week. The first blooms of spring are always special but it's the late spring garden that just dazzles the senses. 

Primrose in full bloom.
Siberian Iris.
Just a few Allium blooms again this year. I really like the bloom but less than half of those I plant bloom it seems.
I took the advice of the Tidewater Gardner last Fall and started some Lupine from seed. They are spectacular this spring. I had a pic of a deep blue spike but it was blurred so just the red.
Salvia is still blooming.
The last of the peony's bloomed this past week.

I wish this red climber rose was a repeat bloomer. It is a blast of red.
These next two roses are Jude the Obscure and Gentle Hermione (I think). Both are loaded with bloom right now.

The same floral arrangement has been sustained throughout the Easter season: flower towers. They are a lot of work to refresh each week. This past Sunday was Pentecost which marks the end of the Easter celebration. These are two pics of the flower towers.

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