Monday, April 15, 2013

Peak Pine Pollen Week

The green dust has settled over everything. It's that time of year when the new pine candles release their pollen. I've needed to use the wipers and washer fluid each morning to clear the windshield of my car. The weather was warmer than normal past week so everything in the garden is catching up on the late start. This is my late blooming cherry. It is a grafted tree that is columnar in shape.

The weeping crabapple is blooming too but not as heavy as last year.

I had some die back on Kerria but it is blooming heavy this year.
A couple of ground covers that look good this week. The first is woodland phlox.  It took several year for it to spread. The other is trailing Vinca which rivals ivy in it's desire to take over the garden.
The last clumps of daffodils are blooming now.
The curb garden in week 4. I had taken some cuttings for arrangements so it looked sparse when I took the picture.
And this weeks cut flowers and an arrangement.

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  1. Love the double cherry!! Beautiful. Your arrangements are always stunning.