Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cool and Wet Week

This week a cool on shore wind kept temperature's below normal and a lot of rain--over three inches. I was several inches of rainfall below normal this spring so the rain was really needed. Here are some of the flowers blooming this week. First the Kousa dogwood is blooming heavy this year.
The Flag Iris loves the cooler weather.
Rose Campion is a good cut flower, has interesting foliage, and a long bloom time.
Missouri Primrose is one of my favorites because the bloom is about 3 inches across. I grow it in a pot since it has never survived in the garden.
Also this week Winterthur Viburnum is finishing its bloom but still looks good.
I transplanted the False Indigo last year so it will take a couple of years to get full again.
These two Yarrows are blooming this week.
A good shrub for shade is Florida Leucothe though it does get tall about 8 feet.  It has a delicate bloom.
The rose of the week is Tahitian Sunset.
These are the cuttings and an arrangement this week.

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  1. My garden has been loving the rain too, and the gardener is glad he has not had to water all the annuals he just put in.