Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cool Spring

This past week has been cooler than normal and wet but I did finish cleaning the beds and moving plants around. We had a couple of frosts this week that nipped the tender new growth on a couple of plants. The front garden has a lot of color right now. The creeping phlox is in full bloom on the curb and under a dogwood by the sidewalk.

I don't know where this white dwarf daffodil came from amongst the iris in the curb garden. This is the first year I've noticed it.
The early and mid spring tulips are blooming.  I plant the tulips in the strip of soil between the curb and the sidewalk since the voles haven't burrowed under the sidewalk yet.  It's been so cool that today is the first day in about a week that some of the cups have opened.

These red dogwood blooms are just starting to open.
The Eastern Red Bud is in full bloom and lasts for a couple of weeks.  I like the twisted branches of this specimen.

In the back yard the white camellia is blooming though not as profusely this year. The Loropetalum has been blooming for a couple of weeks too.

The buds on this late blooming cherry are just starting to swell and show a little color.
The Solomon's Seal is breaking through the mulch--it does look like a seal breaking the surface.
And lastly some more spring bulbs blooming--these are Leucojum.


  1. I have shade in the new garden and am really thinking of some Solomon Seal. Your tulips look really nice along the street. like it!
    Yes, when I bought my yellow magnolia I had a pretty good idea where she was going to go.....same garden area as Jane, just up the hill a little. Looking forward to her blooming next spring.