Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

This past week was spent gathering arm loads of Poets Laurel, Magnolia, Nandina, Holly, Fir, and Juniper cuttings to decorate our church (Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hampton, VA) for Christmas celebrations.  Marie is the coordinator and developed the plan that took several hours a day over three days to execute. She is also one of the ladies who make the weekly trip to the wholesale florist to buy flowers to compliment our garden flowers in making the arrangements.  Below are Marie, Ann, and Ruby at work.
Once the arrangements are moved to the sanctuary they need final touches.  Phillip is on college break and helps Ann get it right.
There's a fair amount of ladder work to get banners and wreaths hung.  This is Guy and Stanley at work.
We finished today and I thought I'd show some of the arrangements.  All the plant material is live.  The first two are at the doors to the sanctuary and then after entering.
On the left as you enter the sanctuary are Mary and Joseph.
The Advent wreath has the purple candles replaced with the white of Christmas.
And this short tour would not be complete without a picture of the Nativity.


  1. I've been reading through your blog backwards, and I've been so impressed with the lovely floral arrangements for your church. It's nice to 'meet' those who make art with your beautiful flowers.