Monday, March 8, 2010

Waiting for Spring

I spent some time in the garden this weekend mostly trimming shrubs to remove old wood, crossing branches, and shaping.  I did see one crocus blooming but inadvertently stepped on it while trimming.  I have given up on planting crocuses since the squirrels consider it great sport to seek them out.  Several years ago I wanted to colonize a section of lawn with crocuses so I ordered a couple hundred and with an electric drill went to work planting them in the lawn in what I envisioned would be drifts of color.   The squirrels ate well that winter but about 30 per cent survived the assault so it was still a nice showing but he following year they got the rest.

I have one Camellia in bloom.  This one is my earliest bloomer and never fails to start in February.  Cold spells burn the blossoms but they are a bright spot at this time of the year.

This next flower is on a woody leafless shrub.  It's a mystery shrub--I don't remember its name and don't remember planting it either.  I probably got it at a clearance event or Master Gardener plant sale and have long lost the tag.  It's a keeper though with a very delicate flower that doesn't brown with a cold snap.  I need to move it to a more visible spot in the garden.  Update 3/11/10.  My mystery shrub is Paperbush.  (Edgeworthia chrysantha)


  1. I was visiting a garden center last Saturday, and I saw one of those 'mystery' shrubs. I looked at the name on the tag, and I've promptly forgotten it! lol

  2. Hello, Gene! Lovely blog! Your Daphne looks so pretty, while others have seemingly been nipped a bit. Your squirrel/crocus story brings back what is NOW fond memories...I was very frustrated at the time, as you seem to be. I've since moved to Florida and can't grow the cheerful little blooms.

  3. Hello Gene, just discovered your blog via Blotanical. Lovely to see those camellia blooms. It wasn't until I started reading gardening blogs from around the world that I had any idea what a pain squirrels could be in the garden. Here was me thinking they were just cute and fluffy!