Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Happy Hour

A few years ago, well more than a few, I would join friends on Friday after work for Happy Hour. I was thinking of those days as I now spent a Happy Hour today after work raking and loading pine straw for mulching beds in my garden.  It was a perfect Spring day and I felt as good as years ago with friends though the aspirin I take tonight will be for a sore back rather than a hangover.  I've been using pine straw as mulch ever since I discovered the the termite infestation that we we had was cause by a previous owner using untreated shredded hardwood as mulch.  The beds were full of termites when I dug in them.  This seemed a good alternative to adding a chemical from treated or colored mulch that would eventually leach into the soil.  The picture below is todays work.  This is the third load this year and I need one more to finish.  A church about 2 miles away graciously allows me to harvest the straw.

1 comment:

  1. Nice that you are able to get some for free. Much of mine in the backyard floated out to sea and am in need of more to re-dress the back garden beds.
    Here's to another wonderful day in Tidewater!!